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We are specialist in Engineering, Procurement & Construction services for the offshore ....

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Steel - Afloat Repairs

At Seagull Marine, we offer wide range of services for the afloat steel repairs and facrication. With a .....

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Mechanical Work - Ship / Offshore

We have a Strong Mechanical Team to provide to Repair and overhauling Services in Sea going .....

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Piping - Repair and Conversion

We provide piping services such as pipeline structure fabrication and installation for pipes .....

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Hydraulics and Cranes

A broad range of hydraulic expertise for the service and support of hydraulic equipment is on hand at Seagull .....

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You are in Hydraulics & Cranes


A broad range of hydraulic expertise for the service and support of hydraulic equipment is on hand at Seagull Marine. We undertake significant projects that include troubleshooting and rectification, repair and overhaul, design and modification of complex hydraulic systems, controls and components.

Typical applications that have been successfully completed at Seagull Marine:-

  1. Hydraulic Power Units
  2. Transfer devices
  3. Open and closed loop winches
  4. Piston and vane pumps / motors
  5. Gear and gerotor pumps / motors
  6. Cylinders
  7. Control valves and accumulators
  8. ROV units
  9. Steering gears
  10. Control consoles
  11. Servo motors
  12. Grabs
  13. Jack up systems
  14. Pneumatic systems

Full hydraulic performance and function testing is carried out in accordance with manufacturer and industry standards and the relevant certification packages are issued at the close out of each project.

Our team will provide continuous support throughout a project and can be available seven days a week and be on call for assisting with parts supply and technical field issues.


We have a specialist team to carry out the service, major repair, removal and installation of pedestal, marine, BOP handling, gantry and deck cranes. Other aspects provided by Seagull Marine are: crane annual inspection and load testing, boom inspection and lacing replacement, engineering surveys, sheave and rope replacement, LMI sales, service and installation, slew bearing change-outs, electrical diagnostics and parts supply.

Recent Projects:

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